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Gregory Tertes, R.Ph. was born into the household of a Pharmacist and a Director of Training. He grew up speaking the clinical and safety language of healthcare and learning the latest in continuous quality improvement. His pharmacist career has been very well rounded including Long Term Care, Chemotherapy Outpatient, Retail Pharmacy, and Entrepreneurial. All the while he focused on safe medication practices.

Gregory is:

  • Provider of Safe Medication Solutions
  • Cost Containment Opportunist
  • Supporter of Easy Survey Success
  • Information Resource/Educator - Always available for questions
  • Medication Regulation Expert

Pertinent Specific Roles and Training

  • Clinical oversight (Anticoagulation clinic, Therapeutic Intervention Protocols)
  • Employee management (Executive Director of Long Term Care Pharmacy and Director of Pharmacy for Farmacia Remedios)
  • Regulatory oversight (Compliance coordinator, Director of Pharmacy)
  • Accreditation (Lead Pharmacist at his 350 employee site as it was accredited by JCAHO for the first time)

Speaking Engagements

  • CASA Annual Conference, September 2016, Safe Medicatoin Practices in the Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • CASA Annual Conference, September 2017, Got Compliance: a pharmacist’s insights for success!
  • ASCA May 2019, Preventing Pharmacy Problems: Medication Shortages, Opioids, Diversion, Disposal and Antibiotic Stewardship
  • CASA Infection Prevention Seminar November 2019, Antibiotic Stewardship, Medication Safety and Regulatory Requirements with Utilization of Compound Drugs
Gregory has worked with nurses, technicians, and patients to improve care and outcomes. All of his career has prepared him to apply this knowledge in his own company consulting to Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Gregory is now the President and Pharmacist Consultant with ASC Pharmacist Consultants, and an expert consultant to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Gergory's guiding priciples in his work are to assist you with Patient Safety, Survey Success, and Cost Containment. His past experience in managment, operational and quality assurance and clinical roles in pharmacy have prepared him to support his clients in any pharmacy challenge.'

Gregory lives in Alameda, CA with his wife and two young daughter. Just ask, he always has new pictures.

Gregory is affiliated with Sheldon S. Sones, R.Ph. FASCP, President of Sheldon S. Sones and Associates, a pharmacy and accreditation consulting firm based in Newington, Connecticut.

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Gregory Tertes, R.Ph.
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